Warning: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

In order to combat counterfeit products, our company is pleased to announce the launch of an
on-going anti-counterfeiting campaign in order to reduce the increasing volume of counterfeit
products on the market being sold to consumers. To this end, we have formed a special
committee to investigate and enforce our intellectual property rights and to find solutions to
reduce the number of counterfeit products reaching our customers. The use of counterfeit
products not only affects our bottom line and stifle our ability to provide top quality products,
counterfeit products are generally of lower quality and may cause injuries to consumers.
Ultimately, we want our customers to have confidence in their experience with using our
products and for them to know they are protected from counterfeits. To enforce our intellectual
property rights, we have employed and will continue to use any and all necessary means to
combat counterfeit goods. Our efforts include, but not limited to:

(i) filing civil lawsuits around the world against each any individual, group or entity involved

in the entire supply chain of the counterfeit products, from manufacturers,

distributors, retailers, logistics and warehousing;

(ii) collaborate and coordinate with any related local, state and custom authorities by

providing information about the suspected counterfeiter in order to help these

authorities to raid, seize and enforce our rights against these counterfeiters; and

(iii) Ask the public to share information about suspected counterfeiters.

At any given time, our company will not hesitate to file lawsuits to protect our intellectual
property. As of the date of this press release, the Company has filed multiple lawsuits against
several distributors and retailers that distribute or sell counterfeit products.

If you have a question about the genuineness of a productor, to report a counterfeit, please
contact our anti-counterfeit team at info@flumgio.com.